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I've learned to curl - what are the next steps?

Your next step after learning to curl would be to join one of our leagues.  We offer many different leagues to suit all schedules and abilities.  Entry into our leagues is membership based, which means you join the club as a member and then you can select the leagues you would like to play in.   Here is a brief summary - for more information on any of our leagues, go to our leagues page.

Novice Leagues

Our Thursday Novice Social league and Friday TGIF Open Team (6-ends) league were specifically created to provide new curlers with fun leagues where you can compete with people of similar ability.  

Social Leagues

Social leagues are a great way for new curlers to get started.  It's individual sign up and teams are created by the organizer.   A few times a year the teams are mixed up so you can meet and play with different people.  We have both daytime and evening social leagues.

Team Entry Leagues

For this type of league, you sign up as a team and you stick together for the season.   In some cases entry into a team league would require at least one experienced curler to skip.   Although some of our team leagues tend to be a little more competitive, we have many new curlers playing the front end positions on competitive teams.  Sometimes teams are looking for extra players so we can help you get set up.

Spare List

Every week there are teams in need of fill-in players, so putting yourself on one or more spare lists is a great way to play with different teams and learn a lot about the game.  All teams welcome new players and there is no stigma attached to being a new curler.

Please contact our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we'll help you get started!

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