2017 18 Elimination Draw TicketIt's back!  Once again this season our Club will running an Elimination Draw as a fundraiser.  Tickets are $20 each and are available at the Club.  Only 400 tickets will be sold.  Your chances are better than 1 in 27 of winning a prize!

Early bird prizes will be awarded beginning January 6.  There is a total of $3,100 in cash prizes, with a $1000 grand prize.

The final draw will be held April 14, 2018 at our year end party.  Thank you for your support!

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2018 Elimination Draw

Mar 10/18 - Lonnie Hussey ($50), Andrew Gilbert ($50)

Mar 3/18 - David Yoon ($50), Joanne Atlee ($50)

Feb 24/18 - Susan Schaffner ($50), John Mestek ($50)

Feb 3/18 - Harriet Rennie ($50), Paul Fusari ($50)

Jan 27/18 - Bill Barr ($50), Sandra Bridgen ($50)

Jan 6/18 - Pat Brandon ($50), Team Gilbert ($50)

 Tickets available at the Club!  Next draw is April 7!

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