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Welcome to the Elmira & District Curling Club's Pro Shop. We carry a wide range of curling products for both members and non-members at member-friendly prices. We also carry some shoes, pants and clothing but mostly by request.

We have established partnerships with Goldline, Balance Plus and Hardline Curling. To view their product lines before you buy, check out their Web sites at the links below. If what you're looking for is not on display in the shop, we will be happy to order it for you.

 Goldline | Balance Plus | Hardline Curling


Product List

Product Retail HST Total
Grippers 11.95 1.55 13.5
Gloves and Mitts      
Balance Plus Gloves/Mitts 34.99 4.55 39.54
Goldline Precision 28.99 4.35 33.34
Goldline Platinum 28.99 4.35 33.34
Hardline 21.99 2.86 24.85
Brooms and Accessories      
Goldline Fibrelite (1" or 11/8") 88.99 11.57 100.56
Hardline Individual Pricing    
Broom Replacement Pads 21.95 2.85 24.8
Hardline Ice Pads Varies    
Excaliber Delivery Stick 56.99 7.41 64.4
Excaliber Delivery Head 36.99 4.81 41.8
Arrow Stabilizer 56.99 7.41 64.4
Scepter Stabilizer 56.99 7.41 64.4
Rockwatcher 44.99 5.85 50.44
Stop Watch 19.99 2.6 22.59
Protective Head Gear 48.99 6.37 55.36
Shoes and Clothing as Priced    
All other items as marked or please request a quote.  
METHOD OF PAYMENT:  Cheque or Debit preferred (can accept cash if exact amounts)


If you have any questions or would like to order something, email the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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