By applying to become a volunteer for the 2019 Provincial Championships, you acknowledge and agree with the following:

  • Volunteers will be asked for a minimum contribution of 16 hours (4x4 hour shifts). Flexibility may be arranged where possible and based on the number of volunteers available.
  • While on duty, volunteers are required to wear the official event uniform (jacket, Polo shirt, dark pants and dark shoes)
  • Volunteer badge/ID must be displayed while on volunteer duty
  • 2019 Provincials Championships is authorized to take and use photographs of volunteers
  • Volunteers are required to act at all times in accordance to the 2019 Provincial Championships code of conduct as outlined on page two of this application form. Failure to do so may result in removal from the volunteer team.
  • A $100 Volunteer Rewards Package fee will be applicable to all volunteers, due upon registration. This fee will be used to towards:
    • Volunteer Jacket, Golf Shirt (approx. $95 value)
    • Light snacks during shifts
    • Event lapel pin
    • Volunteer appreciation events
    • Entrance to all games, including playoffs, while not on volunteer duty (approx. $140 value)

I have read and fully understand and accept the terms and conditions when volunteering for the 2019 Provincial Championships.