Glow In The Dark Curling

For a fun and unique curling experience be sure to sign up for one of our glow in the dark bonspiel events.  Head over to our Bonspiels page for details.  

Since 2013 the Elmira & District Curling Club has been excited to offer glow in the dark curling.  With a grant from the Elmira Maple Syrup Festival, and sponsorship from our Junior Curling program the upgrades were made to our rink.  This included the installation of black lighting and painting the rings in the ice with glow paint . Painted paper plates adorn the tops of the curling rocks, and of course the fun part is all the participants dressing up and getting their glow on!

Coming to one of our events? Here are some tips to get the most out of your experience:

  • Be sure to wear pure white or neon coloured clothing.  Orange and neon safety gear works well.
  • Some glow sticks are supplied so you can decorate yourself.  However, feel free to bring more!
  • Be creative and bring some glow accessories.  For example: small battery powered light-up rings, necklaces and headgear.

We hope to see you brightening up our rink soon!

Facts about our Glow rink:

  • We have 18 UV black-lights permanently installed around the arena
  • We use pie-plates spray painted with fluorescent spray paint and topped with a glow necklace for each rock
  • Our rings are painted with black-light reactive paint from Jet Ice
  • Our sidelines/backlines are done with black-light reactive ribbon
  • We give the skip a glow stick for their broom so thrower can aim and one to indicate turn
  • We put up fluorescent Bristol board along the walls to brighten up the arena

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